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After coming to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico on July 4th 1967, Galo found early renown touring Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, South and Central America, with various bands and on his own. By the age of 21 he was playing on stages like Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Center in New York City. Throughout his teenage years Galo continued to hone his skills as musician recording engineer and a record producer. Galo has also shared the stage (co-billing) with many greats in the business.

In his later years Galo has performed and traveled doing an unbelievable Tribute to Santana in his concerts, like no one else in the world does. His guitar tone, heart, energy and feel expresses the same soul fullness and heart penetrating leads like Santana brings to the stages.

Galo says "no cookie cutters here"
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Galo Rivera
Playing with passion and zeal
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