Galo Rivera Quotes
Brian W. Ridolfo - Delray Beach Center For The Arts at Old School Square "Here’s all you need to know…it rained and the crowd stayed. Not only are Galo and the rest of the band incredible musicians, they are exceedingly professional and just plain fun to work with. I can’t wait to have them back next year"
Kit Stewart - Tequesta Fest: “Our event is held outdoors but if there had been a roof, the Santana Tribute Band would have blown it completely off!!! Fabulous musicianship, great vocals and lots of charisma. Thank you, Galo!”
Bill Meredith - Florida Palm Beach Post Daily News - Music Writer "Galo's playing and guitar tone are, like Carlos Santana's clean unique and powerful"
Greg Purcott - Productions, Inc - Savannah Center at The Villages "incredible! Just like the real thing!"
Glen Kolotkin - Producer "He’s in the same league as other great guitarists I have recorded like Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana."
Elise Rambaud - Midland Reporter-Telegram Sunday News "I've seen Santana play in California and all around the country and the music resemblance is amazing" "He sounds like the real thing"
Charles Passy - Florida Palm Beach Post Daily News - Music Writer "If anything, this group puts a stronger Latin emphasis on the Santana legacy".
Terry Jonethis - Entertainment Chair / SunFest 2002 "The show was great, the response from the crowd, the sponsor, and crew were extremely positive"
Charlie Dunn - LatinFest 2003 “When it comes to professionalism – Galo Rivera sets the standard that all others in the entertainment industry should strive to achieve. Not only is he extremely talented, he also has that unique ability to understand what it takes to make the client and the audience happy. The results can only be described as incredible. Galo Rivera is a professional’s professional.”
Maria Quesada - Gosman Amphitheatre at the Kravis Center "Never had I heard any other band come close to the sounds of Carlos Santana".
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